Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you work with succulents and cacti?

At Habibi Living, we want to bring nature and positive energy into the spaces you live in everyday. In our busy lives, more often than we want to, this means indoor locations that often lack natural light and air.

Succulents and cacti are ideal plants to grow in those spaces, given their resistance and their low maintenance requirements. With a loving gardener (you!) taking care of them, they should grow just fine.

How do I care for my plant?

All our planters come with easy care instructions that show you how to best take care of your plant, so that you enjoy it for the longest time possible. You can also refer to the “Plant Care” section on this website as well as our social media accounts for tips and tricks.

Should I use a spray to water my succulents?

The ONLY plants you should water with a spray bottle are air plants (tillandsias), as these nurture through their leaves.

Never use a spray bottle for your succulents and cacti! Moisture on the leaves and humid conditions can cause fungal and rot problems. The right way to care for your plants is to water them once in a while and then wait until the soil dries out completely before watering again. Remember: never water when soil is still wet! You want your plants to make you happy – make them happy by giving them the water they need, not more and not less.

Where do your planters come from?

All our Habibi planters are hand and heart made, designed in Colombia. Medellin’s lucious flora and green city lifestyle inspire our design team every day in finding the best ways to stage nature’s beautiful creations and bring life into your home

What makes your products unique?

All our ceramic planters are branded and recognizable by the Habibi logo, a small elephant embossed in each planter. Our succulents and cacti are hand-selected, and come with care instructions to maximize their lifetime. We aim to provide you a quality product filled with love, reconnecting you with nature, wherever you are.

Do you offer custom solutions?

We do, and we would love to work on your unique request! Please fill out the contact form under “Custom projects” or email us at sales@habibiliving.com and we’ll get in touch as soon as possibe.

How does shipping work?

We offer a 5 USD flat rate per order for FedEx ground shipping (2 – 7 business days) within the US, and take the maximum of precautions so that your ceramic planter and live plant arrive safely and in perfect conditions. For faster shipping, you can check the shipping prices that apply upon checkout.

We currently do not ship plants internationally, but will be happy to send our ceramic planters and accessories your way. For international inquiries, please contact sales@habibiliving.com

My planter arrived damaged or broken, what do I do?

Even the strongest precautions can’t account for what happens to the package on it’s way to you. Please send a picture of the outer packaging, as well as the interior with the damaged planter to help@habibiliving.com , so that we can analyze its condition and replace your item as soon as possible.

My plants arrived messy and covered in soil, what do I do?

Although we carefully pack all of our plants for shipping, rough handling of the package sometimes messes up the loose contents like soil and small pebbles. Here’s an easy solution: lightly water or spray your plants’ leaves, (REMEMBER THIS IS FOR CLEANING PURPOSES ONLY, NOT TO WATER YOUR PLANT), or brush off the dirt with a soft painter’s brush. If a lot of soil has come out of the container, gently pack it back in and then carefully water the plant. With an additional bit of light, it should recover quickly!

How long until I get my order?

Your package will typically be dispatched within 2 business days or sooner after we receive your order. Add that to the shipping time depending on the FedEx shipment option you chose at checkout (carrier-specific delivery times might vary according to location and season), and count down to your Habibi Living delivery!

What is your return policy?

We want our products to make your life greener and happier! Should you be unsatisfied with your purchase, please email us at help@habibiliving.com within 2 weeks after making your purchase, to process a return or exchange. Please note, that we cannot accept claims for plants that have suffered neglect – make sure to follow the plant care instructions we provide with each live pant.

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